Running the Litmus Suite with WebDAVContrib

All the standard Litmus tests for a class 2 WebDAV server pass. WebDAVContribLitmusTests describes how to run them.

To run the litmus tests on an Apache server, download the source from the site given above and install. Change the Apache directives thus:
    # Use the homogenous filesystem API for litmus testing
    FoswikiFilesysHandler Filesys::Virtual::PlainPlusAttrs
    # Set the filesystem root path that will be visible through WebDAV as /
    FoswikiFilesysDebugRoot /tmp
The Litmus tests have to run with the Filesys::Virtual::PlainPlusAttrs filesystem handler due to the heterogenous way that Foswiki handles web, topic and attachment resources (WebDAV assumes only two resource types, collections and files, and the litmus tests reflect this).

Running on other server types is usually a matter of changing the parameters to the invocation script. For example, for lighttpd the configuration will look something like this:
$HTTP["url"] =~ "^/litmus" {
 alias.url += ( "/litmus" => "/var/www/foswiki/tools/webdav.fcgi" )
 fastcgi.server = ( ".fcgi" => (
     "socket"    => "/var/www/foswiki/working/tmp/webdav.sock",
     "bin-path"  => "/var/www/foswiki/tools/webdav.fcgi -fs PlainPlusAttrs -r /tmp http://server:8080/litmus",
     "max-procs" => 1

and for HTTP::Daemon, the server start would look like this: http://server:8080/ --filesystem PlainPlusAttrs --root /tmp

You can now run the litmus tests as described in the litmus documentation.
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