Meinberg LANTIME M600 GPS PTPv2: Example Configuration

Configuring the LANTIME

The default login is root and the default password is timeserver .

The unit has 6 NICs.

5 of them, interface 0 thru interface 4, are 10/100 ports and may be configured for an IPv4 address as well as 3 IPv6 addresses.

Additionally, there is a 6th interface for PTP.

Looking at the back of the unit, on the left-hand side, we see:

IEEE 1588
ETH0 ETH2   ETH4 ...

We have the choice of Layer 2 or Layer 3 operation. We'll use Layer 3.

IEEE 1588-2002 (PTPv1) is multicast only.

IEEE 1588-2008 (PTPv2) can be multicast or unicast.

Meinberg recommends setting up your PTP infrastructure to use Layer 3, Multicast, Two-Step and End-To-End Delay measurements if that is possible. This will provide the largest possible compatibility and reduce interoperability problems.

Get to the "PTP" tab, then to the "PTP V2 Management:" section, and under "PTP2 Configuration Files:" click on the ptp2_network_conf_0 link, and ...

Configuring PTPd

The default multicast IP for PTP is (for PTP domain 0).

Layer 2 configuration

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