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Student Application Template

We're always interested in having people help us on GSoC projects for NTF.

Please include the following information in your application (which should be done at the Google site, not here):
  • Abstract of your project
  • Times that you will busy/unavailable during the 2014 GSoC period.
  • Are you applying to any other GSoC groups? If so, which one(s)?
  • Do you have any examples of your work we could see?
  • Contact information
    • Name
    • e-mail
    • phone number
    • physical address
  • Backup contact (in case you go "missing")
  • The school you are attending and what you are studying
  • How much time you will have during GSoC to work on your project
  • What other things you will be doing during GSoC (vacation, exams, travel, ???)

Please talk to us on our mailing lists.

Project Ideas

You can find our project ideas at:

Feel free to add more ideas!

If you are a student who would like to work on a project (either one you see here or one you think of), please speak up! It would help if we could see what sort of work you can do. An easy way to show us is to find an open bug report, fix it, and submit the patch. There are project developers who are happy to work with you and help you to do this.

GSoC 2013 Accepted Projects

NTF is participating in the 2013 Google Summer Of Code effort. Here's the timeline for GSoC 2013.

The following projects were accepted for NTF:

GSoC 2013 Accepted Projects - NTF

GSoC 2013 Accepted Projects - NTP

GSoC 2012 Accepted Projects

GSoC Web Utilities

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